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Business Start-Up


We help with everything needed to start up your business.  Whether it is your Federal EIN or just simply needed to apply for your state licences, we can assist.  We help with all types of businesses.  We also help with the process of finding and applying for grants and loans.  

  • Sole Proprietorship

    A sole proprietorship is the most basic type of business to establish. You alone own the company and are responsible for its assets and liabilities. Learn more about the sole proprietor structure.

  • Limited Liability Company

    An LLC is designed to provide the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership. Learn more about how LLCs are structured.

  • Cooperative

    People form cooperatives to meet a collective need or to provide a service that benefits all member-owners. Learn more about how cooperatives are structured.

  • Corporation

    A corporation is more complex and generally suggested for larger, established companies with multiple employees. Learn more about how Corporations are structured.

  • Partnership

    There are several different types of partnerships, which depend on the nature of the arrangement and partner responsibility for the business. Learn more about how these are structured.

  • S Corporation

    An S corporation is similar to a C corporation but you are taxed only on the personal level. Learn more about how S corporations are structured.

Administrative Services


Online Presence Help: Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis – Retainer FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Update Twitter

  • Update Facebook

  • Update LinkedIn

  • Update Pinterest

  • Update posts using Hootsuite or other sites

  • Research content to share with customers in client’s industry

  • Update content on website

  • E-newsletter setup and updates

Website Help and Maintenance Service – Hourly and Retainer FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Confirm Setup With Search Engines to Help Increase Visibility

  • Update Content and Images

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Services – Hourly FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Invoice Client’s Clients

  • Correspondences with Clients

  • Pay invoices

  • Correspondences with Vendors

  • Communication with Client’s insurance agencies

Create Procedure/Process/Workflow Documentation – Retainer FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Vendor files – contact information data and checklists

  • Client files – contact information data and Setup forms for invoices to be used by my clients.

  • General procedure checklists

  • Updating Procedures and Documenting Suggestions

  • Policy documentation

  • Checklists for Procedure / Process for Client, Employee, and Administrative independent uses.

  • Checklists for Tax and Payroll procedures.

Creating and Maintaining Physical Filing systems – Hourly FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable documents

  • Invoice layout

  • Invoice Log layout and process

  • Change Order layout

  • Business forms layout

Payroll for 1-5 employees in LLC or Corporations – Hourly FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Assist in setting up payroll accounts for Federal, State, and Local.

  • Set up payroll binder and create checklists customized to each payroll task.

  • Generate payroll for clients.

  • Submit payroll taxes for Federal, State, and local taxes

  • Generate payroll reports for unions and other needed reporting.

  • Correspond with Client’s Federal, State, and Local agencies, as well as, Vendors, Customers, and their Accountants

Bookkeeping Services in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online, and/or Quicken – Hourly FEE

Examples of Services:

  • Setup electronic downloads for bank accounts and credit cards.

  • Reconciled Bank and Credit Card accounts on monthly basis.

  • Match up receipts with each bank or credit card account.

  • Generate and comprehend P & L and Payroll Reports for Clients to review for the month.

  • Organize ‘Chart of Accounts’ and create consistency with transactions entries

Marketing and Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing used to be optional - now it's a critical part of a successful online marketing strategy. In fact, HubSpot reports that social media produces nearly double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Many companies experience a lack of results from social media for two key reasons:

1) They don't know how to effectively use social media to drive website traffic and nurture leads.

2) There simply isn't enough time to manage their social media sites.

Social media supports the sales process, but only if your company has a comprehensive content strategy and the resources to maintain your sites. Social media isn't a "set it and forget it" thing; it will only work with ongoing effort and engagement. That's where Skylar Business Marketing's Social Media Management Services and Packages come in.


First, we consult with your company to learn about the obstacles you face with social media management as it relates to your sales process. Then, we recommend the package that best fits your needs and budget. After we set the right monthly program, we devise a strategic plan to leverage your social media pages as valuable tools for sales. Finally, we put the plan into action to drive success.


  • Generate and nurture leads for your sales team to follow up with

  • Increase traffic to your website through social media

  • Provide interesting content and a consistent posting schedule

  • Monitor your accounts and maintain a positive social image for your company

  • Drive engagement on your accounts to increase interest with your prospects


Skylar's Marketing offers affordable and flexible options for monthly social media marketing management services.

We can customize a unique program for your company's budget and needs. Just inquire about a price by filling out the form on the contact us page. 

Non Profit Business Start Up


Paperwork ABCs

Skylar Business helps to ensure your organization is recognized as a nonprofit by the IRS and conforms to state laws.  We help you to:

1. Register with the state. Nonprofits must register with their state to legally do business as a nonprofit corporation. You'll need to create articles of incorporation and file them with your registration. 


2. Apply to the IRS for nonprofit status. This is crucial because without the IRS' nod, donors won't be able to use their contributions as a tax deduction. Most nonprofits seek what's known as 501(c) 3 status, which allows tax write-offs for donors. Over its initial five-year operating period, a charity must demonstrate to the IRS that it has broad-based public support.

Nonprofit applications have been under greater IRS scrutiny in recent years, so we recommend being scrupulously honest in describing what your charity will do. One other tip: Request an advance ruling that will allow you to operate as a 501(c)3 sooner.


3. Register to raise money. If your nonprofit intends to solicit the public for donations, the organization must register as a charitable solicitor in many states. Obtain forms from the attorney general, secretary of state or other appropriate agency.


4. Convene a board. To qualify as a nonprofit, a board of community stakeholders must be created to help the nonprofit raise money, hire staff, shape group direction and meet goals. The board should not consist of personal friends or people with whom the charity does business.


5. Write bylaws. The bylaws describe your nonprofit's operating procedures. Again, standard forms are available from your secretary of state or state corporations office as a starting point.

Credit Repair Services


Credit Repair ABCs

Skylar Business helps you to improve your credit score.  Helping you to get access to better rates, get approved for Loans, Mortgages, More.  We help you to:

Our Services Will Help Remove:

  • Late Payments

  • Collections

  • Judgements

  • Bankruptcies

  • Tax Liens

  • Charge Offs

  • Repossessions

  • Foreclosures

  • Settlements

Credit Repair Services 

  • Increase your score 

  • Improve your credit score

  • Get you the accurate credit report you deserve by law

  • Eliminate errors on your report

  • Ensure your credit report is up-to-date and current

 Plan A - Financial Wellness Complete

Fee Schedule: $100 Monthly Fee

*This Plan also includes Extras and Bonuses.  Ask for more details

Plan B - Credit Repair Only 

Fee Schedule: $500 One Time Fee

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